Netball Summer League 2017

During the summer we run a friendly evening league at All Saints Academy, Cheltenham on weekday evenings. This is also an opportunity for new players and beginner umpires to practice in a non-competitive environment.

This year, the summer league is running from May until July 2017 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The games are intended to be friendly, but unqualified umpires can only be used if they are currently in training and have been approved by the umpiring secretary.

Please follow the links below for the fixtures on each evening.


General guidance

  • Please ensure all games start and finish promptly
  • Unqualified Umpires can only be used with the permission of the Umpiring Secretary
  • All Saints courts are floodlit, if the light is failing please request that they are turned on. In the case of inclement weather please consult your umpire as to the safety of the game
  • For more information contact Lauren Kelly
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