Performance Pathway

The England Performance Pathway (formerly the National Excel Programme) is the England Netball process for developing athletes with the attributes to attain excellence. The programmes within the pathway are focused on developing athletes to reach their potential and form the foundations to enable England Netball to be the Number 1 Ranked Team in the World.

These programmes provide performance-enhancing training for individuals, not squads. Competition takes place outside the Performance Pathway Programmes, in club and school competition.

The Performance Pathway consists of:

  • Satellite Academy
  • County Academy
  • Regional Academy
  • Regional Performance Academy
  • National Performance Academy
  • Intensive Netball Training Centre

Safeguarding information for players

Being in the Performance Pathway should be an enjoyable experience, which will support and encourage you to achieve your full potential in a safe and supportive environment. England Netball provides athletes a guide to staying safe in Netball.

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