Umpire requirements for the County League 2019-20

All umpires must be qualified to a level appropriate for the type of netball being played. Umpires must also register, or be registered by their clubs, with the Officiating Group Lead/Umpiring Secretary before officiating

The minimum umpiring qualifications required for netball matches played in the Gloucestershire leagues are:

  • Premier Division: B Award 
  • Division 1 and 2: C Award
  • Divisions 3 and 4: Into Officiating

Talent-identified umpires may be given permission by the Officiating Group Lead/Umpiring Secretary to umpire in a higher division whilst in training. This includes talent-identified non-qualified umpires if they have attended a relevant course.

In addition, Central Venue matches require umpires that are neutral for the fixture, and two scorers/timekeepers to be supplied by the teams playing.

No umpire may officiate more than two league fixtures in the same day, unless previously approved by the league umpiring secretary.

Those holding the old AENA Preliminary Award are not longer eligible to umpire in the Gloucestershire leagues.

The Officiating Group Lead/Umpiring Secretary is responsible for ensuring that relevant umpiring courses and information are available to all members of the GCNA. Courses are organised throughout the season where it is felt necessary. Anyone wishing to be considered for a qualification must contact the Officiating Group Lead/Umpiring Secretary.

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