Junior League U16 County Cup (2010/11)

Hucclecote U16 Jaguars5500000018325
Chelts U16 Kestrels530001017121
Cirencester U1642020000-3610
Randwick U16 Amber40031000-932
Tommies U16A61010130-52-3
Hucclecote U16C4400000016820
Chelts U16 Harriers53010001320
Hucclecote U16B420200001010
Cirencester U16B41021000-1007
Old Chelts U14A40030001-1015
Hucclecote U16D50021011-534

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In the U16 section, as our rules state that no two teams from the same club will enter the regional competition, the 11 teams are sub-divided into two groups.

The top group comprises the first squad from each club. They will all play each other plus two other matches against the lower teams (six matches in total) before Christmas to ascertain which two squads will enter the Regional Competition.

The other six teams will also play each other plus one match from the top section.

After Christmas the remaining nine squads will play each other once but matches will be shortened to fit them in. Please remember, squads lists are required at the beginning of the season and players cannot change squads until after Christmas (this applies to all groups).

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