Tough competition at South West Regional Schools

Last Saturday saw the six winners and runners-up from the Gloucestershire County Schools tournaments travel down to the Regional Schools tournament in Bournemouth.

Competition was tough on a cold but dry day on the south coast, with the only one team from Gloucestershire making it through to the National Finals.

Starting Out Netball Coaching Programme

Netball First

Are you a parent, teacher or young leader interested in coaching the basic skills of netball?

Would you like to learn how to organise a practise, deliver a fun warm-up & cool down and teach the basic skills required? If so, this course is for you!

The course is held over two days:
Sunday 5 February 2012 - Mod 1
Sunday 26 February 2012 - Mod 2

More information

Net 10 for Life - Charity Fundraiser!

Net 10 for Life, 6th-12th February 2012

Gloucestershire Netball is pleased to announce that week of 6th-12th February 2012 we will be encouraging all clubs/teams in the county to raise money through the Netball South West’s Net 10 for Life for Cancer Research.

This fundraising leaflet is for you to share with your teams and players to promote the event and hope you will join us raising funds for this great charity.

What does Net 10 for Life involve?

All matches played between 6th-12th February will help contribute to the fundraising. Each team pledges to donate 10p per goal scored in their weekly fixture. So for example:

Pink Ladies Netball Club 45 (£4.50) v Western Park Ladies 33 (£3.30)
Total pledge from each team = £7.80

Umpires are also encouraged to get involved, by swapping their whites for some pinks, and rounding any donations up to the nearest pound.

Please donate via Netball South West's JustGiving page. Please note 10p per goal is a guide - if teams wish to donate more it would be welcomed! Alternatively, any of the Adult Working Group are happy to take the cash from clubs - look out for us on the league Saturday.

Thank you and good luck!

New year, new rules

New rule book - 2011 Edition

From 1 January 2012, new IFNA Official Netball Rules come into force throughout England, affecting all Gloucestershire Netball matches.

There are some changes that may not impact county league level, however the changes to Rule 7 Stoppages will affect everyone.

In addition to the August 2010 changes that allowed coaching during stoppages, the new rules see changes to the Blood Policy, making blood stoppages distinct from a normal stoppage for injury or illness.

Louise Travis, IFNA Umpire, who officiated at the 2010 World Championship believes that from an umpiring perspective "the changes are welcomed, and they will assist in ensuring the rules are applied consistently."

Team Benches for Gloucestershire's Premier Division

The New Year will see a minor change to Gloucestershire Premier Division matches, with the addition of Team Benches.

Although provided for under the rules at all levels, until now only at Regional level and above has the Team Bench actually been a physical 'bench'.

To bring Gloucestershire's Premier Division into line with higher level netball, from January all squad members and team officials will be required to remain beside the court (i.e. inside the barriers), during play.

Claire Hopkinson, Gloucestershire Adult Competition chair said "this will help raise the profile of Gloucestershire's Premier Division, as well as differentiate spectators from Team Bench members and make the Umpire's job easier."

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