Gloucestershire Netball

Constitution of the Gloucestershire County Netball Association

Last updated: 29/04/19

Approved at AGM: 22/05/19

1. Title

The association shall be called the Gloucestershire County Netball Association (referred to as the County or GCNA or Gloucestershire Netball) and shall be registered to the All England Netball Association Ltd (referred to as AENA or England Netball) and the South West Region (referred to as Netball South West or NSW).

2. Objectives

  1. To co-operate with England Netball and with Netball South West, to promote and encourage the game of Netball in Gloucestershire.

  2. To serve as a forum to co-ordinate activities, organise competitions, arrange training courses and in particular to plan and further the growth and development of Netball in Gloucestershire.

  3. To adopt the rules and regulations laid down by England Netball.

  4. To employ the funds of the Association as shall be deemed to be in the best interest of the game and the members.

3. Membership

  1. The Members of GCNA shall comprise:

    1. Registered Participants – a registered participant is a person who plays, coaches, umpires or organises netball or is in any way connected with netball who is affiliated to England Netball and pays an annual affiliation fee to the County Association.

    2. Clubs who are affiliated to England Netball through the County

    3. Schools who are affiliated to England Netball through the County

    4. The Management Group

    5. Honorary Life Members

  2. All Members shall be bound by this Constitution, any other rulings of the Management Group and by the Rules of the Game.

  3. The scale and rate of County subscription (affiliation fee) will be fixed and agreed annually at the first meeting of a newly elected Management Group.

4. Management Group

  1. The Management Group shall comprise a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of three and a maximum of seven other members, whose roles shall be defined annually.

  2. The Netball Development Officer (NDO) is a co-opted non-voting member of the Management Group.

  3. Members of the Management Group must be Registered Participants and shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Any member that has held the same post for three consecutive years shall stand down but may be nominated again.

  4. Members of the Management Group shall be entitled to vote at Management Group meetings. Any member holding more than one position shall be entitled to only one vote.

  5. A quorum shall consist of two thirds of the Management Group.

  6. The Chairman shall have the casting vote in the case of an equality of votes.

  7. The Management Group shall meet at least four times a year.

  8. The Management Group shall have the power to appoint Honorary Life Members of GCNA in recognition of their service. Nominations may be made by any Member of GCNA.

5. Working Groups

  1. The Management Group members shall manage the affairs of GCNA on behalf of the Members through Working Groups.

  2. The Management Group shall have the power to appoint any Working Group it deems necessary.

  3. Each Working Group shall be led by a member of the Management Group who shall be the Working Group Lead. Other Working Group members shall be nominated by the Working Group Lead and shall be approved by the Management Group. A Working Group will normally consist of at least 3 Registered Participants, normally with no more than 2 from the same affiliated club. Non-Registered Participants may be co-opted if they have specific expertise.

6. President

A President may be appointed by the Management Group from time to time. The President cannot be a member of the Management Group and is a voluntary position which does not have voting rights. A person so appointed shall hold office for the term of up to three years, after which such person shall stand down but shall be eligible for reappointment.

7. Finance

  1. The income of GCNA shall be obtained from affiliation fees of Members, and from any other available and appropriate source. Affiliation fees shall consist of an annual subscription to GCNA, together with the approved fees to England Netball and NSW.

  2. The financial year shall end on 30th April.

  3. Auditors will be appointed at the AGM each year and the audited accounts of GCNA for the year ended 30th April shall be presented to the Members at the AGM.

8. General Meetings

A. Annual General Meeting

  1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held every calendar year after the end of the main league season and before 31st May, on a date fixed by the Management Group.

  2. Notice of any proposal and nomination of members of the Management Group shall be sent in writing to the Secretary with the names of a proposer and seconder who shall both be Registered Participants, not later than six weeks before the AGM.

  3. The Agenda and any literature shall be sent out to members not later than 21 days before the AGM.

  4. A quorum shall consist of one third of those members entitled to vote.

  5. Each member of the Management Group shall be entitled to attend, speak and have full voting rights.

  6. Each member club may send a representative for each of their teams with the power to vote. Other Registered Participants of member clubs are entitled to attend the meeting to speak but not to vote. Every club shall send at least one representative.

  7. Honorary Life Members and Working Group members shall be entitled to attend and speak at the meeting but not to vote.

  8. Proposals at the meeting will be decided by a simple majority of those entitled to vote except for alterations/additions to the constitution.

  9. The Management Group reserves the right to enforce a two thirds majority on major issues.

  10. The constitution can be amended and previous resolutions rescinded only at an AGM or EGM.

  11. No alteration shall be made to the Constitution unless supported by at least two thirds of those present and entitled to vote.

  12. Any alterations passed at the meeting shall take effect immediately.

  13. Clubs failing to send a representative to the meeting shall be fined, the amount to be determined by the Management Group. Non-payment of the fine will debar that club from entry to any competition run by GCNA the following season.

  14. Business to be transacted at the AGM shall be:

    1. To receive and approve the Minutes of the previous AGM and to consider any matters arising.

    2. To receive, approve, and adopt the audited statement of accounts and the balance sheet of the preceding financial year.

    3. To appoint an Auditor or Auditors.

    4. To elect members of the Management Group who shall hold office until the end of the General Meeting at which her/his successor is appointed.

    5. To consider any proposed motion submitted in writing to the Secretary six weeks before the date of the AGM, which has been proposed and seconded by Registered Participants.

    6. To vote on any major changes to the competition structure that is run by GCNA. Minor changes shall be made at the discretion of the Management Group.

  15. The Chairman of GCNA shall act as Chairman of the AGM. In the absence of the Chairman, the Management Group shall appoint a Chairman from those present at the meeting.

  16. The Chairman shall have a second and/or casting vote in case of an equality of votes.

  17. No business shall be transacted at the meeting other than that specified on the agenda.

B. Extraordinary General Meeting

  1. The Secretary shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at any time by order of the Management Group or upon receiving a request in writing from two or more member clubs.

  2. The request in writing must be signed by an officer of each member club.

  3. The meeting shall be held within 28 days of receipt of the requisition by the Secretary.

  4. Each request shall state the purpose for which such a meeting is required and shall set out any proposal to be voted on at the meeting.

  5. Fourteen days’ notice of the meeting and all proposals shall be given to every member club and Management Group member.

  6. No business shall be transacted at such a meeting other than that specified in the notice.

  7. Voting shall be bound as that for the AGM.

9. Indemnity

Any member of the Management Group or a Working Group shall be indemnified by GCNA against all costs and losses which she/he may occur in relation to the execution of the duties of her/his office, or by reason of any duty performed for or with the authority of the Management Group.

10. Arbitration and Matters Not Provided For

If any dispute on the interpretation of this Constitution or the need arise to deal with any matter not provided for in this Constitution, reference shall be made to the Secretary who shall refer the same to the Management Group whose decision shall be binding on all parties.

11. Bye-Laws

Bye-laws shall comprise such rules and regulations that may be required at any time for the organisation and operation of the game of netball under the auspices of GCNA. These include league rules, tournament rules and cup competition rules.

12. Dissolution

In the event of dissolution any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be dealt with in a manner to be determined by resolution of a General Meeting so as to promote the objectives of GCNA or of some organisation with kindred aims or to other purposes approved by the Charity Commissioners. In the event of there being a deficit, the General Meeting shall decide how it shall be met.