Bateman & Per Ardua handicap knockout competitions

Established in 1960, the Bateman Shield and Per Ardua competitions are open to all clubs entering our County League.

Teams play full-length matches with an initial handicap of goals based on their finishing position in the County League from the previous season. This evens out the chances of the teams and allows for closer competition. It also gives lower-placed teams a greater opportunity of winning against higher-placed teams.

The Premier Division, Division 1 and Division 2 play in the Bateman competition and Divisions 3-5 in the Per Ardua competition. Both competitions are played throughout the season culminate in finals which are played at the end of the season.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bateman & Per Ardua Secretary.

Entry forms 2016/17

The entry fee for each competition is £10 per team. A returnable deposit of £25 per team is also required.

Please make cheques payable to GCNA and send a separate cheque for the deposit so this can be easily returned to you when your team has finished in the competition. A stamped addressed envelope will also be required.

Click here to download an entry form

Please return entry forms, cheques and stamped addressed envelope (to the address on the form), to be received by Friday 2nd September 2016.

Competition dates

The first 2 rounds and the quarter finals are 'play-by' dates. This gives teams the flexibility to mutually arrange fixtures on a date to suit both teams, with the possibility of freeing up a Saturday. If you cannot agree on a date the play by date must be used.

The semi finals and finals are fixed dates in the netball calendar. These games will be played at central venue and neutral umpires will be provided. 

RoundDateDraw and results
Entry deadline Friday 2nd September 2016     TBC
Round 1 Saturday 8th October 2016 play-by date  TBC
Round 2 Saturday 5th November 2016 play-by date  TBC
Quarter finals Saturday 10th December 2016 play-by date  TBC
Semi finals Date TBC Venue TBC  TBC
Finals Date TBC Venue TBC  TBC


These resources are for last season's competition and will be revised shortly.

Results from previous seasons

 Bateman ShieldPer Ardua
2015/16 Challengers Rockets  Hucclecote Hurricanes Old Chelts Jets   Upton Grads
2012/13 Hucclecote Tornadoes Survivors Upton Ladies Randwick C
2011/12 Hucclecote Lightning Hucclecote Thunder Upton Ladies Randwick C
2010/11 Gloucester Ladies A Randwick A Hucclecote Tornadoes Cirencester B
2009/10 Gloucester Ladies B Challengers A Rednock Rascals Severn Stars
2008/9 Hucclecote Tornadoes Hucclecote Thunder Hucclecote Hurricanes Challengers A
2007/8 Cheltenham Ladies B Challengers A/B/C Old Chelts D/E Rednock Raiders
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