County Tournaments

Inter-divisional tournaments are held prior to the start of the league season.  

County Tournaments 2020-21

No pre-season tournaments were held this season due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Pre-season County Tournament - results from previous seasons

 Premier & Division 1Divisions 2 & 3Divisions 4 & 5

1st Challengers Flyers

2nd Hucclecote Hurricanes

1st Challengers Comets

2nd Cirencester Aqua

1st Survivors Dragons

2nd Cirencester Terra

 Premier & Division 1 R/BDivisions 2 & 3Divisions 4 & 5
2012/13 1st Old Chelts Hotshots
2nd Challengers Rockets
1st Bishops Cleeve Fillies B
2nd Challengers Jets
1st Hucclecote Typhoons
2nd Randwick C
2011/12 1st Hucclecote Lightning
2nd Old Chelts Hotshots
1st Stroud
2nd Tommies
1st Churchdown
2nd Survivors
 Divisions 1-2Divisions 3-4Divisions 5-7
2010/11 1st Hucclecote Red
2nd Hucclecote White
played to Fast Net rules
1st Old Chelts Rockets
2nd Old Chelts Jets
1st Bishops Cleeve Fillies B
2nd ACA Ladies
2009/10 1st Hucclecote Hurricanes
2nd Old Chelts B
1st Old Chelts 3A
2nd Nomads Demons
1st Churchdown Ladies C
2nd Survivors B
2008/9 1st Saracens (Worcestershire)
2nd Hucclecote Lightning
Invitational tournament
1st Chelts B
2nd Hucclecote Storm
1st Old Chelts D
2nd Hucclecote Tornadoes
2007/8 1st Hucclecote Hurricanes
2nd Randwick Embers
1st Survivors A
2nd United B
1st Stroud Ladies B
2nd Survivors B
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