Netball has changed markedly over the last few years and with the increased speed, athleticism and skill levels of the players, has come an increased level of physical contest that presents challenges for umpires and officials.

An umpire's role is to facilitate a flowing, enjoyable game for all participants, including players, coaches, administrators, spectators and other officials. The approach that umpires take into each game plays a large part in the success of the game for all. To continue the progress of Netball umpires must, along with all facets of the game, develop and push boundaries.

Table officials, including scorers and timekeepers, provide support to umpires during a match. This is especially relevant in higher level matches where the game is too fast for the umpires to keep a record of the score or time the periods of play, stoppages and intervals.

The Officiating Working Group is responsible for ensuring that relevant information, umpiring and officiating courses and tests are available to all members of Gloucestershire Netball. Courses are organised throughout the season where it is felt necessary. Anyone wishing to be considered for a qualification should contact the Umpiring Secretary to arrange for a test.

Officiating pathway

A suggested umpire and official development pathway is shown below. This should be viewed as a progressive ladder of devleopment.


Upcoming courses

There are no upcoming courses.

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