How to progress from C to B award

Progressing from a C to a B award umpire can seem like a daunting prospect, but really it isn't.

It is a requirement that to umpire in the Premier Division, you must hold a B umpiring award or be registered with the umpiring secretary as working towards your B award (i.e on a recognised mentoring programme).

Finding a mentor

As a county, we will do our best to give you assistance and advise you on finding a mentor to help you develop your umpiring. You should contact our umpiring secretary in the first instance if you are interested in working on your B award.

Mentoring is also available from Netball South West at the annual Regional Schools competition, held every January.

Getting umpiring experience

Once you register your interest with the umpiring secretary, we will assist in finding you a mentor. You should keep a record of all the matches you umpire as evidence of your experience.

Once you have sufficient experience and are working towards your B award assessment, you can (with the umpiring secretary's permission) also umpire in our Premier Division, the South West Regional League 3 (the level above our county leagues), the Regional Schools competition and the Regional U14 and U16 leagues and tournaments.

Talented umpire programmes

Our parent region, Netball South West, run a Talented Young Umpire Programme (TYUP) to identify and train C award umpires between the ages of 14 and 21. They are also developing a similar Talented Umpire Programme (TUP) for umpires over 21.

Umpiring courses and workshops

Netball South West hold at least three B award courses per season throughout the region. The more interested umpires we can attract, the more courses they will hold in our area.

Netball South West also hold occasional TYUP/TUP workshops which are highly recommended. Again, with sufficient interest these courses will be organised in our area.

If you are interested in attending a course or workshop then contact our umpiring secretary.

Applying for your B award test

To apply for your test you must:

  • be affiliated to England Netball,
  • hold a C umpiring award,
  • have attended a B award course in the past two years, and
  • be endorsed by a B award tester (i.e. have completed a B award test assessment).

Once you have gained sufficient experience, you should complete a B award test application form and return it to the regional umpiring contact (as directed on the form).

The cost of the test is currently £40. You also need to meet any costs incurred by your assessor.

Other things you might be interested in

You may also be interested in becoming a qualified table official. After attending a course, you then receive a logbook which you need to complete each time you officiate, before you actual receive your award certificate. Contact the county umpiring secretary for more information.

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