Talented Young Umpire Programme

Netball South West runs a Talented Young Umpire Programme (TYUP). The aim of the TYUP is to develop identified, talented young umpires (14 to 21 year olds) in conjunction with talented young players of the same age.

The player programme is well established, and it is planned that the identified umpires will attend their county academy training sessions to train with the players and develop their umpiring skills. If they do not already hold it, they will also take the Netball Europe C Umpiring Award. From these umpires, some will be put forward to be attached to one of the Talent and Performance Centres in Netball South West.

By involving these umpires with the coaching of players it is hoped that they will develop a better understanding of both what the players and coaches are trying to achieve. Each umpire will be supported by an umpire mentor, who will help the youth umpires to develop and apply their skills as an umpire and their knowledge of the rules of the game. Beside their work within the academies and extension centres these umpires will be given appropriate match play opportunities at regional screening trials for the players at the University of Bath STV and the U16 and U14 regional league competitions. At these events they will continue to be mentored, but there will be assessors available to assess their progress and ability and encourage and guide them to take the Netball Europe B Umpiring Award.

As the program is being supported by England Netball, links to the national talented umpire program will be made, and so to further develop the umpires to gaining their Netball Europe A Umpiring Award.

From this pool of umpires the long term aim is to have at least one or two who will go on to be considered eligible to be put forward to try to become internationally accredited while still under the age of 25. And if this could be linked with other countries, will result in having two neutral under 25 year olds umpiring the Netball Europe U19 Championships or even the U21 World Championships.

Criteria for being accepted onto NSW TYUP Programme

  • Must be recommended by County Umpiring Secretary
  • Must be a minimum of 14 years of age
  • Must be a C Award umpire

Anyone interested in the programme should contact the Umpiring Secretary.

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