Umpiring tests and awards

If you wish to be considered for a qualification should contact the Umpiring Secretary. It is recommended that you undergo mentoring from one of the Gloucestershire's umpire mentors before taking your test. Your mentor will tell you what you should aspects of the game to concentrate on and when they feel you are ready for your test.

You also need to attend an umpiring course applicable to your award. Courses are organised throughout the season where it is felt necessary.

Anyone undertaking a test must hold a current England Netball affiliation. The qualification only remains valid when a current affiliation is held. In addition, the Into Officiating Award is only valid for four years, at which point you must re-take the award. After another four years you must have progressed onto C Award.

The following tests are administered by Gloucestershire Netball:

  • England Netball Into Officiating Award (this award combines the old Beginner Umpiring Award and Youth Umpiring Award)
  • Netball Europe 'C' Umpiring Award

The following tests are administered at a higher level:

  • Netball Europe 'B' Umpiring Award (administered by Netball South West)
  • Netball Europe 'A' Umpiring Award (administered by England Netball)
  • IFNA International Umpire Award

Previous awards

Those holding the old AENA Preliminary Award are no longer eligible to umpire in the Gloucestershire leagues. They should contact the Umpiring Secretary soon as possible, who will issue them with a Beginner Award valid for two years.

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