Rules & Protocols

The latest IFNA Netball Rules changes came into effect on 1 January 2012. The latest rule book has a green cover and is the 2011 Edition.

Rule books cost £5.00 for England Netball members and £9.99 for non-members.

To purchase a new rule book, please contact the Gloucestershire Netball Treasurer.

Recent rule changes

The rule changes since the 2007 Edition (blue or black) rule book are detailed in the following two documents:

  1. Original rule changes (August 2010) relating to coaching during a stoppage.
  2. Subsequent rule changes (January 2012) relating to extra time, visual clocks, stoppages (inc. blood) and a new hand signal.

Protocols, rules directives and guidance

The official match protocols for umpires are published by IFNA:

England Netball has published the following rules directives for clarification of some rules:

England Netball has also published the following guidance for umpires:

Finally, the following form should be completed by the umpires if a player is suspended during a match. All forms are confidential and should be returned to the Gloucestershire Netball Umpiring Secretary.

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